A bogus blessing. Accrediting education agents.

A bogus blessing. Accrediting education agents.(8)

You have to laugh at the naïveté. The American International Recruitment Council (AIRC) told the PIE news that an education agency once accredited by the AIRC, wouldn’t cheat. “It’s in everybody’s best interests to follow the rules and be professional,” says Jennifer Wright, AIRC’s Associate Director for Certification and Qualifications.

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Credential evaluation: Lessons from Bihar.(0)

In our own investigatory work, involving thousands of files over many years from China to India to Nigeria, the first principles involve assessing the integrity of the basis for the credential in the first place.

Is Ghana’s 2 for 1, half as good ?(0)

Recruiting internationally-bound high school graduates this year from Ghana, will be considerably challenging. 2013 marks a year in which students are graduating out of both four year and three year streams simultaneously.

When are 2013 India Board Exams results?(0)

It’s final exam time for Class 12 high school kids in India. Millions write these exams in several state and national boards. Here are the likely date ranges for when the final results will be officially released.

Vietnam Tips(0)

Here are some key points on the Vietnamese education system to assist in evaluating university candidates at the Bachelor level. At the end of Grade 9 there is an exam for students to choosing a high school.

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Demanding quality from foreign unis in India ??? Don’t be fooled.(0)

For regular visitors to India, there is a Golden Rule to apply to just about everything seen and heard there: Nothing is as it appears.

Back story: Fraud in Punjab board exams.(0)

Forty examination centres have been shuttered, teachers suspended, and frauds caught impersonating test takers. But the clean up of Punjab high school exams cheating needs to go back to first grade.

Kenya: The worst, from the best(0)

The results of last year’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams have been called into question by accusations of unethical practices at Kenya’s top primary academies.

Stayin’ Alive, Stayin’ Alive ……… IDP in INDIA.(0)

For those sitting in Delhi, Mumbai or Hyderabad – if you didn’t know any better, you’d never guess that IDP ever had anything to do with Australia, or even that it still does. The remaking of the one-time Aussie education promotional giant is most obvious in India.

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Dubai disappoints at GETEX 2013.
Dubai disappoints at GETEX 2013.(0)

Despite Dubai’s rebounding economy, the 2013 GETEX education fair disappointed.

Honeymoon + Ambulance = Bangladesh.
Honeymoon + Ambulance = Bangladesh.(0)

It wasn’t an emergency, but my bride and I started out our honeymoon in an ambulance.

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Clear skies in India ?(0)

India’s cloudy airline picture is about to clear up with one new player and one bolstered one. The news comes after more than a year of airline bankruptcies and flight cancellations.

Matryoshka Doll Method of Visa Acquisition(0)

“I need to visit three countries next month, two of them require business visas and this month I am traveling. I only have a two week window to get all visas!?!” Sound familiar?

Internet cafe keyboard n Egnlsh ?(0)

Stuck in an internet café or with a hotel computer station with an English keyboard when you want French or Spanish when you need English? It is important to get familiar with how to manipulate keyboard settings.

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